Serengeti Crowned Africa’s Best Safari Park

People always ask me where is the best place to go on safari. I give them that infamous answer – it depends. And it does because each park, each country offers something different. Chobe in Botswana or Tarangire in Tanzania have a great concentration of elephants. Gorillas? Parc de Vulcans in Rwanda or Bwindi Impenetrable […]

Sherri & Karen’s Excellent Adventure Exploring The Serengeti!

PART SEVEN We are back with more adventures from Sherri and Karen! Sherri & Karen make their way to the Northern Serengeti where not only do they have incredible wildlife sightings including tree climbing lions, do some shopping, do a lot of checking of the tires and get ready to end their safari of a […]


I Always Like To Be Validated

A good friend of ours, Andy Sheng, (pet photographer extraordinaire – check him out at www.otisandlucy.com) sent me an article that recently appeared on the CNN web site.  Called “Tanzania Take a Ride on the Wild Side” every thing the article said was right on the money.  Book with a safari operator, the type of […]

On to Wildlife Safaris In Selous & Ruaha in Tanzania

After several great days in Namibia including the last night at a beautiful guest house in Windhoek owned by Matiti Tours (a great place to stay) I was ready to start the second leg of my trip. Now on to the place I love and know best, Tanzania. This time I was visiting a part […]


Serengeti Highway is Off – For Now

I am pleased to announce that the government of Tanzania has declared its intentions not to construct a commercial route across the Serengeti National Park. A paved road through the park would have disrupted the lives and migration patterns of the animals and destroyed their way of life, as well as the chance for future generations to […]