Good Morning Africa From Good Morning America!

The ABC morning television program “Good Morning America” is going on safari and taking you with them! Using the latest technology you can have a live immersive 360-degree virtual reality tour of one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in Africa. And best of all they are going to Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, which some call […]


Best Crater In The World

Recently Foxnews.com published a list of 9 of the most amazing craters in the world. Why they did not do 10 I don’t know. It does not matter because coming in at number 6 (though in my opinion it should have been number 1) was Ngorongoro Crater! What I loved about their description is that […]

Sherri & Karen’s Excellent Adventure Into Ngorongoro Crater!

PART SIX Sherri & Karen continue their adventure by making their way to the iconic Ngorongoro where the wildlife is plenty! Tuesday, Oct 21 Up early and out to a full day in the Crater. It’s so lush and green on the car drive down and we see narrow trails which the Maasai walk every […]


Ngorongoro Crater – Africa’s Eden

Though I have lived and worked in Africa for over a dozen years I will never forget my first time in the Ngorongoro Crater. The mystery of all those childhood wildlife programs where the sun goes down at the end of another day and the hyenas come out to feast – had put the place […]