Sherry & Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure!

PART FOUR (We now return to another episode of Sherry & Karen’s Excellent Safari Adventure). Sherry & Karen had an incredible gorillas experience. Then they saw the golden monkeys while staying at lodge with incredible food. Now it is back to a final day in Kigali before heading off to Tanzania. But first a wonderful […]


A Very Moving Memorial

Being Jewish I have visited several memorials remembering the victims of the Holocaust of World War II, toured concentration camps and met and heard the stories of people who survived this nightmare. Needless to say I wasn’t all that enthusiastic when Patrick my guide took me to the Genocide Memorial in Kigali and left me […]

Kigali, Rwanda – Impressive

After passing through the Nairobi airport for the third time it was time to begin the last leg of my journey and off I flew to Kigali, Rwanda. I had no idea what to expect – would it be like Uganda? Would I feel the underlying tension of the genocide that occurred about 20 years […]