Cute & Effective

I love dogs. I love dogs a lot. In fact, I can’t remember every meeting a dog that I did not like (OK some more than others). But dogs in most parts of the world are not just pets but an integral part of everyday life and contribute greatly. That could not be more true […]


The Dogs of Chile

Those who know me know I love dogs. The love may not be a strong enough term. I am obsessed with dogs particularly my dog the famous “Heidi Feldstein” – actress and writer (you can read her deathless prose here). Whenever I am traveling I always miss her (oh yeah and my wife) and so […]


Man’s Best Kayak Friend

Besides kayaking and Africa, I am also obsessed with dogs – particularly our dog Heidi.  She is an actress (you missed her as “dog at restaurant” in Desperate Housewives?), and journalist (check out this article in the Stuio City Patch – Heidi Makes her Mark in a New Webisode for Performing Arts Studio West) and […]