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I have been a proud resident of the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles for over 20 years. My wife and I love to enjoy the multitude of dining and entertainment options on Ventura Blvd and to take our rambunctious German Shepherd Alley for hikes along the many trails and tracks in this beautiful part of Los Angeles.
In fact, Alley got her name from the Studio City alleyway where she was found before she came to live with us!

Each month we enjoy reading Studio City Neighbor Magazine and this month we are thrilled to be not only inside its pages, but on the cover!

Talented journalist Elyse Glickman came to interview us and wrote this great piece on my journey from being a successful Los Angeles attorney to falling in love with Africa and starting my own safari company. Every safari I create for a client is unique and I work hard to ensure that the white-glove service I offer through Infinite Safari Adventures is second to none.

If you live in Studio City, I hope you’ll pick up the copy of Studio City Neighbor that was delivered to your door last week and read my story. Then when you’re ready to go on an unforgettable African safari and create memories to last a lifetime – call your neighbor!

In the meantime join us on a social media safari: