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Sometimes an opportunity presents itself and you just have to go for it.  A few weeks ago I received a text from one of my good friends, Dave Gunn, who is a true outdoorsman.  The message was “I have news call me no matter what time it is.”  My first reaction was that something terrible had happened.  When I reached him he said: “A friend of a friend got a rare permit to raft the Colorado through the Grand Canyon.  15 days.  Wanna go?” I said sure when is it? I thought it would be in a few months.  No, it was in 2 weeks and I had to give him an answer by 9 am the follow morning. 15 days, no phone, no computer no turning back.  Could I make arrangements on such a short notice?  What do I need?  I had never done anything like this.  But, how could I say no?  I am so glad I said yes.

I had never even been to the Grand Canyon and now here I was going down the river that was flowing almost twice the normal rate, through huge rapids and seeing incredible starry nights, a full moon you could read by, big horn sheep, gorgeous side canyons with waterfalls and pools to bathe in with water the color of opals.  Truly amazing.  What really made it great was the incredible group of people I went with who I now consider new friends.  Want to see more? Watch the video included above or click on this link to see The Best Grand Canyon Trip Ever on YouTube!  http://youtu.be/7BTu7i8YMFw

Alan Feldstein Rafting the Grand Canyon