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There are over 100 great staff people who work at CCF.  From cooks, farmers property managers, veterinarians, geneticists everyone loves their job and love cheetahs and their love clearly shows.  Two shining examples of that are Laura and Becky.  Laura is from England and Becky is from Canada.  Their job is to help take care of the 38 resident cheetahs who can’t be re-released back into the wild.  The stories of how they got to CCF is heartbreaking.  Kept locked in dark garages, taken from their moms to be sold as pets they all now are carefully cared for and nutured.

Part of that care involves feeding them.  But they do not just get served a meal on a silver platter.  They have to work for it.  And that involves running after a car where their meat (donkey) is located.  I had the pleasure of going out with Laura and Becky and feeding them Driving up to 50km an hour (30 mph) the cheetahs run without breaking sweat.  Once done then the meat is tossed over the fence for them. Yummy!