After the welcome song and greeting it was time for tea. Patrick’s close friend Joseph Sankale who I have known for a while, joined me in one of the make shift houses or “bomas”. Joseph is an amazing guy who is running for political office this year (Good luck Joseph). The makeshift Bomas are constructed with branches bent and tied into a type of dome, with a small little wall inside that creates a little entryway and stops the wind and dust from getting in and requires you to turn to get inside. Then these structures, since they are temporary, are covered in plastic. Normally they would be covered in mud and dung. Outside the temperature was quite pleasant. Inside, while it did not reach the temperature of a Native American sweat lodge, it was quite warm. Joseph turned to me and said “it is freezing in here.” We had a laugh. Then cups were brought out for everyone. From a big thermos tea sweetened with sugar and milk that was just milked from a cow was poured. It was very hot as it had just been made.   Joseph then took a sip and said “ahh ice cold.” Again we laughed. Welcome to Maasai humor.