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Several months ago I received a request from Michelle Gamble-Risley, owner of 3L Publishing, who asked me to write about my most memorable family vacation. While I have fond memories of traveling with my parents as a child, my fondest family vacation memory as an adult has to be the transformative trip that I took with my kids, Sasha and Darrow, to Africa.

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Sasha had just graduated from college and Darrow from high school and I knew this was going to be one of the last times we would be able to travel together (I will always regret that my wife Diane did not come as that would have made it absolutely perfect).

Elisa Taylor - Author

Author Elisa Taylor

It was on that safari that many life-changing things happened. Sasha had a friend in the Peace Corps meet up with us for several days and when Sasha came back she went to work for non-profits and ended up living in Nairobi for several months. My son after experiencing the wild ended up experiencing camping and backpacking at UC Santa Cruz and is now a teacher and naturalist.

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And as for me? Well that was the trip I kayaked off the coast of Tanzania and decided then and there to start Infinite Safari Adventures!

This was the story I wrote about this trip for a book called 30 Magical and Memorable Family Vacations by Elisa Taylor with Michelle Gamble-Risley. This book is a collection of stories from 30 families that contains not only 30 beautiful stories about family vacations, but also descriptions, details, and recommendations on various destinations.

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If you want to feel inspired or really learn intimate details about a vacation spot, you will find much information contained with the pages of this lovely, charming book.

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Pick up a copy, read our story and the other fun ones in it. Enjoy.

What is your most memorable family vacation?