One of the great programs developed by the Cheetah Conservation Fund

(of which I am a trustee) is its livestock guard dog program. In this program CCF provides farmers with Anatolian Shepherds which they train and who bond with the livestock of the farmers. When they sense a predator nearby they have a loud bark. Cheetahs run away and don’t kill livestock and therefore farmers don’t kill cheetahs. It is brilliant and has been wildly successful.

I love dogs and think they can do the most amazing things. Add a new amazing trick to the list.

Blakely is the resident nursery dog at the Cincinnati Zoo. She has helped many small animals when they were born. But now she has a handful. About a month ago, five cheetah cubs were born by C-section. Unfortunately the mother died in labor. Blakely provides cuddling, comfort and a body to climb, I believe dogs sense needs and Blakely stepped in to nurse the cheetahs and be their surrogate mom.

Bravo Blakely and Bravo Cincinnati Zoo!