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Thursday is Thanksgiving. It is also the Jewish Holiday of Hanukah. Hanukah is the Jewish Festival of Lights that lasts for 8 days. It is extremely rare that Hanukah falls on the same day as Thanksgiving as it usually falls right before, or during the Christmas holiday.

In fact it is so rare that it falls on Thanksgiving that the last time Hanukah and Thanksgiving overlapped was 1918 and the next time it will happen is 2070 and after that it will be 2165 . And while there is a very very slight chance I will be around in 2070 (at age 115 – hey I can be optimistic can’t I!) I don’t see myself around in 2165 unless there is some amazing new health developments by then that will make us immortal.

Hippo Menorah - Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukah

Hippo Menorah

OK, so how does all of this fit in with Africa? Well besides the fact that there are Jewish communities in Africa I discovered something fun and unique. At a party recently I met a woman, Lisa Sarkin, who collects menorahs. These are the 9 branch candleholders that are used to celebrate Hanukah. Lisa has an immense collection including one that resembles a hippo! And you thought I could not find a connection!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukah to all!