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Serengeti Mugumu HwyStarting back in 2010 I wrote about the fear I had that there were plans to build a paved highway through the Serengeti. Since that time I have reported on developments as they happened. The building of the highway would have been a disaster on so many levels. It would have affected, habitat, wildlife, local communities and tourism for Tanzania which is a large part of their economy.

And while we must constantly remain vigilant I am very pleased to report that Serengeti Watch the organization that spearheaded the opposition to the Serengeti highway project announced that The The East African Court of Justice has ruled in favor of the Serengeti, banning the government of Tanzania from constructing a paved road across the northern Serengeti. This is a huge victory.

The decision stated:

“In a milestone development, the East African Court of Justice has declared in its ruling today, 20th June, 2014, that constructing a bitumen [paved asphalt] road across the world famous Serengeti National Park is unlawful. The Judges have restrained the Tanzanian Government from constructing the road.

ANAW fully respects Tanzania’s sovereignty and its need for national development. However, by taking up this matter, ANAW was in actual fact protecting a resource that would be of future benefit not only to Tanzanians or East Africans but also the entire humanity.”

Congrats to all who helped bring about this important decision.