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By now I’m sure you’ve heard me say how much I look forward to travel show season every year. It is always a whirlwind of flights around the country, hauling exhibits around, excitement in the air and a special experience for me to meet new people and share my passion of Africa.  As my children warn – “Dad just because you can talk about Africa does not mean you have to talk about Africa.”  However I do, because I love it so much and it excites me to have people experience the transformative experience of an African adventure.

I am also always struck by how different and unique each show is. This year I will be taking part in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco shows.  Here is a little bit of why and how each show is special and exciting for me!

New York – Not only is New York the biggest of the shows but I am also located in the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa (APTA) aisle next to neighbors who are also passionate about the continent I love so much. Being surrounded by others who are promoting Africa is a wonderful way for new friends and people who attend the show to discover lots of different aspects of the continent and the experiences it has to offer.

Boston – My friends and I joke that Boston turns on the snow for me and every year, this hypothesis tends to come true! During the Boston show the weather usually rewards us with one of the heaviest snows of the Massachusetts year. But here comes the silver lining…there’s no better time to think about the warm, sandy beaches of Zanzibar or the balmy tented safari lodges of temperate Africa then when you’re thawing out for an hour after braving the frigid Boston weather in route to the show!

San Francisco – You might not know but San Francisco is actually my home! I’m from the Bay Area so this year heading to the show will be doubly exciting for me as it’s also a chance to see friends and catch up with family. The show is right next door to the home of my beloved (and heartbreaking) 49’ers and I am excited to head home to share my love of African travel and adventure!

Los Angeles – My wife, our rescue German Shepherd Alley, and I have called Los Angeles home for many years. We are very happy residents of the Studio City neighborhood and every year I love meeting new friends – and neighbors at the Los Angeles travel show! Speaking of neighbors, I am a regular columnist for Studio City Neighbor Magazine. If you haven’t seen this lovely little publication on your doorstep, you can go and like them on Facebook and follow along for regular updates and my stories of Africa!

Make sure you mark your calendars for the travel show in your area. Every one of them is exceptional and a fascinating experience, even if you go every year like I do! Check the dates here: Essential Travel Show Dates for 2018