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A few weeks ago I told you how proud I was of my son Darrow. Well I am also very proud of my daughter Sasha. Having just returned from South America after spending 9 months traveling around with her awesome boyfriend Mikey she moved to Berkeley to start her masters degree in public policy. She is always a great ambassador for Infinite Safari Adventures and keeps an eye out for interesting things.

Kilimanjaro Sundae

Kilimanjaro Sundae

The other day she sent me a text with a photo of sign advertising the opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for a mere $60,000 for one person, or $85,000 for two. While Infinite Safari Adventures does Kilimanjaro climbs we do not even come close to charging that amount. So what does $60K get you? In addition to first class airfare there and a climb you get a hand churned batch of ice cream made from glacier ice on the summit— all the ice cream you can eat, plus a large donation to an non-profit environmental group and oh yeah, a souvenir t-shirt.

The purpose is to bring attention to the fact that due to climate change the glacier on top of Kilimanjaro could disappear in 10-15 years.

I think this is a great promotion to bring attention to a serious problem. But if you don’t have $60K call me. I will put together a Kili climb and safari and all the sundaes you can eat and I will even put a cherry on top!