Rules In the Bush

To paraphrase a line from the book “Where Soldiers Fear to Tread: A Relief Worker’s Tale of Survival” There are no rules in the bush. One night as we were on a night drive making our way back to our lodge we heard quite a commotion. It appears that 2 young male lions had attacked […]

The Circle Of Life At Kittredge Elementary School

(Or At Least Educating The Next Generation) As we start a new year we think about old and new and starting fresh. Last year I was approached by Jill Holden. She is a friend of ours who does a remarkable job of teaching theater to elementary school students. She told me that she had applied […]


Elephant E.R. – Rescue In the Bush

I have been going on safari for over 15 years. Over those years I have seen some amazing and beautiful things in the bush. Lions hunting, elephants playing with their kids, chimpanzees acting like you and I, and gorillas walking right by me. But nothing prepared me for the amazing beautiful emotional experience that I […]

Best Crater In The World

Recently Foxnews.com published a list of 9 of the most amazing craters in the world. Why they did not do 10 I don’t know. It does not matter because coming in at number 6 (though in my opinion it should have been number 1) was Ngorongoro Crater! What I loved about their description is that […]

Cecil The Lion – Outraged, But Maybe A Corner Turned?

Recently I was out to dinner with friends. Whenever there is a news item that deals with Africa all questions are directed to me. Unless you don’t watch the news, read the newspaper, are never on Facebook or any other social media site you have seen the terrible and senseless killing of Cecil the Lion […]

Ignore The OMG And Focus On The AWE

My wife is a journalist. I enjoy and have a lot of respect for the media. But let’s be honest the dissemination of news via, print, the internet, radio or TV is not just about giving people information but also about generating revenue. So do boring happy everyday things generate a lot of revenue? No! […]

Sherri & Karen’s Excellent Adventure Exploring The Serengeti!

PART SEVEN We are back with more adventures from Sherri and Karen! Sherri & Karen make their way to the Northern Serengeti where not only do they have incredible wildlife sightings including tree climbing lions, do some shopping, do a lot of checking of the tires and get ready to end their safari of a […]

Sherri & Karen’s Excellent Adventure Into Ngorongoro Crater!

PART SIX Sherri & Karen continue their adventure by making their way to the iconic Ngorongoro where the wildlife is plenty! Tuesday, Oct 21 Up early and out to a full day in the Crater. It’s so lush and green on the car drive down and we see narrow trails which the Maasai walk every […]