From Space To Mountains To the Depths of the Ocean

An Incredible Weekend Once again I have just returned from New York from another Explorers Club annual dinner.  In a previous blog post I had mentioned the exotic food that is served with cocktails before the meal and this year was no different – well a little different as this year I had crocodile, boar, […]


Crickets and Python and Grubs -Yum Yum

I am a member of the Explorers Club (www.explorersclub.org) I am proud to be a member as we have an illustrious history. Explorer Club expeditions have taken place on both poles, Mt. Everest, the moon and just recently our Academy Award-winning member Jim Cameron arrived at the deepest part of the ocean. Every year an […]


Meeting Wilson at the Explorers Club

This weekend I was in New York to attend the Explorers Club Annual Dinner. It is a beautiful event held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel and about 800 people attend from all over the world. This year’s theme was “The Mayan Prophecy: Fact or Fiction?” We listened as some of the world’s best minds interpreted […]


Explorers Club Hosts East Africa Conservationist Stefanie Powers

As Chairman of the SoCal Chapter of the Explorers Club I am afforded wonderful opportunities to meet amazing people. On Saturday my wife and I hosted an event at our home for actress, conservationist, author and overall amazing woman Stefanie Powers. Stefanie talked about her incredible life including the extraordinary nine-year relationship she shared with […]

Lowell Thomas Awards at Explorer Club

As a member of the International Explorer’s Club, I had the honor of attending the Lowell Thomas Awards this weekend at the club headquarters in New York. It was a great event with several amazing people being recognized for their work all over the world. The Master of Ceremonies was Broadcaster Bill Curtis (see photo). […]

Don’t Worry Mom – I Am Not Going Back to Climbing

The reason I kayak is because I used to be an avid rock climber and then one day took a 40 foot fall and shattered my ankle. I was told there was a good chance I would not walk normally again and was definitely told I would never climb again. I thanked my Doc for […]