Namibia Part 2: The Great Staff at CCF

There are over 100 great staff people who work at CCF.  From cooks, farmers property managers, veterinarians, geneticists everyone loves their job and love cheetahs and their love clearly shows.  Two shining examples of that are Laura and Becky.  Laura is from England and Becky is from Canada.  Their job is to help take care […]


I have heard of Livestock Guard Dogs For Cheetahs, But A Nurse Dog for Cheetahs?

One of the great programs developed by the Cheetah Conservation Fund (of which I am a trustee) is its livestock guard dog program. In this program CCF provides farmers with Anatolian Shepherds which they train and who bond with the livestock of the farmers. When they sense a predator nearby they have a loud bark. […]


4th Annual “Meetah Cheetah” – A Resounding Success

If you don’t know by now (wait I have not told you 🙂 ) I am on the Board of Trustees of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (www.cheetah.org). Every year I have done an event entitled “Meetah Cheetah” to coincide with CCF founder Dr. Laurie Marker’s spring tour through the United States. I am proud to […]


Some people think the photo above is cute. Others may think “oh I would like to have a cheetah as a pet.” In fact if you Google “cheetahs as pets” you will see advertisements for cheetahs for sale. And people will post this photo on Facebook or Tweet it or Instagram it and have lots […]



I ain’t Lion, I ain’t Cheetah’in and I ain’t Monkeyin’ around when I say I Wish You A Joyous Holiday! Seasons Greeting & Peace On Earth Alan Feldstein Infinite Safari Adventures

Namibia 5 Fun Facts

This week we are going to provide you with 5 fun facts about Namibia which is home to the Cheetah Conservation Fund of which I am on the Board of Trustees Namibia is the second least densely populated country on earth. After Mongolia which is also a vast country, there are just over two million […]

The Lions Guardians

One of the things I truly enjoy and never get tired when I am in Africa is seeing animals in the wild and watching how nature interacts. It is great to come upon a herd of impala, zebras, and giraffes (one of my favorites) as they slowly graze or move about. It is also exciting […]

Cute & Effective

I love dogs. I love dogs a lot. In fact, I can’t remember every meeting a dog that I did not like (OK some more than others). But dogs in most parts of the world are not just pets but an integral part of everyday life and contribute greatly. That could not be more true […]