Lake of the Stars

Lake Malawi has several names and nicknames. Because it is 365 miles long it is called the year long lake. It was named by the famous explorer Dr. David Livingstone Lake Nyasa (which is what Tanzanians call it). He also called it The Lake of Stars. He gave it that name because of the lights […]

Kayaking in Malawi

I love to kayak. Wherever I am in the world I love the chance to paddle. That has led me to paddle dug out boats in Benin, a papyrus kayak in Ethiopia as well as paddling with Orcas in British Columbia. I have also had a chance to explore Vietnam, Turkey, Mexico, Hawaii, by kayak. […]

Lake Malawi

After Zambia our merry little band of travelers headed to Malawi. The focal point of Malawi is Lake Malawi which is 365 miles long. That is why it is known as the “year long lake.” It is the 9th largest lake in the world. In Africa it is the third largest and second deepest lake […]