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One of the things I pride myself on is finding creative solutions to problems.  And some of those creative solutions can lead to some very interesting and humorous situations.

Livestock in Kenya

Livestock in Kenya

My rafiki Patrick whose education I have been supporting recently realized that he needed one more semester to finish his education.  By the time he discovered this dilemma many of the other non-profit groups who also contribute to his education had expended their funds for the year.

Patrick emailed me with his problem.  As is typical of him he was not looking for a handout but wanted me to lend him money to finish his education and we discussed different ways he could pay me back.

That is when I came up with a unique solution.  The Maasai tribe’s wealth is tied up and measured in the cows, goats and sheep.  I emailed Patrick back and asked him what was the current market value of cows, goats and sheep in his area.  After he supplied me with that information I proposed that he give me 2 cows, 6 goats and 1 sheep as collateral for the money I lent him.  I also insisted that 3 of the goats be female and that any kids born to those goats would be shared equally by Patrick and I (call it interest).

I grew up in the suburbs of California where the only animals in our area were cats and dogs.  Who would have believed that one day I would own livestock in Kenya! Now our only problem is finding names for the animals. Any suggestions?