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BaobobIn addition to Africa, Kayaking, Photography, and Adventure Travel one of my other interests is “alternative medicine.” I am not sure I like the phrase “alternative” as to me it is all medicine – some is natural and some is man made. I subscribe to a number of sites that keep me apprised of the latest developments. I recently received notice that the fruit from the Baobob tree, which is found throughout East Africa, is the next up-and-coming “super food.” It is a beautiful tree sometimes called the “upside down tree” because of the way it looks.

According the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database you are going to start to see Baobob fruit as an ingredient in snack bars, drinks, and dietary supplements. It has high levels of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and essential fatty acids including linoleic acid. Its traditional use is for asthma and general health and nutrition. Topically it is applied for allergic skin reactions and to improve the appearance of hair.

When you are in Africa you can eat the fruit right off the tree. Until then look for it in your next health product.