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A few weeks ago I returned from an extraordinary camping trip with my son who was working this past summer for the National Park Service in Yosemite. I drove home from this trip late Sunday night basking in the glow of an incredible time with my son.

Alan Winning Tickets

Alan Winning Tickets

Arriving home late after driving for 5 hours and hiking for 7 miles before that I was tired and realized that I had committed to attend a conference the next morning on tourism for Kenya. The conference required me to get up early, battle Los Angeles traffic to attend a conference that I was not sure would be that productive.

However, I believe in honoring my commitments and that you can always learn something new or meet someone new that can help you in your business. Thus as reluctant as I was I went.

And it was a good thing that I did attend and honoring one’s commitments can pay off. At the end of the conference (where I did learn a few things and met some great people) there was a drawing for a free round-trip ticket to Nairobi on Kenyan Airways presented by Sam Kordi, Sales Manager for the Western United States. Well I never win these things but this time I did! And as I go to Africa every year this ticket will come in very handy.

You never know when good fortune may shine on you. So make sure you go to those events you said you would go to!