Introducing Steve’s Corner

As many of you know I have a business partner, Steve Chumbley, who resides in Tanzanian with his lovely wife Teena Payne and their ever entertaining son young Aidan (he will be happy to take you on a rocket ship safari). Steve and Teena have been in the safari business for over a dozen years […]

The Kilimanjaro Marathon

As well as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro there is also a marathon.  Having run the Mount Kilimanjaro marathon a few years ago – in between safaris in the Serengeti where I trained by dodging lions (it helps your time) and a bout of malaria during training I got a time of 4 hours 50 minutes (the […]


Two Types of African Elephants

I have had the amazing experience of having a huge elephant bigger than our car walk so close that if I had wanted to (and been foolish enough) I could have reached out and stroked his trunk. He was so big that even when standing up on the seats of our vehicle he was taller. […]

A Different Kind of Game Drive

There are many types of game drives but the other night when my wife and I took a well deserved break, we discovered one that offers an interesting twist to the experience of a game drive. While we were at a movie theater, we found a small arcade of video games. Nothing unusual, right? But […]

Infinite Kayak Wins a Spot in Paddlers Photo Calendar

Now that the year is winding down it is time to think “what calendar should I hang on the wall?” How about a calendar from paddlng.net Why you ask? Check out the month of May. Yes, I am Mr. May! Well not really (which I am sure you are happy about, but I am proud […]

Update on the Serengeti Highway

Now that the Tanzanian elections are over there was concern that a decision on the Serengeti highway might quickly be approved. However, as of now, it’s not anticipated that President Kikwete will announce a decision soon. This does not mean we should relax or believe that there is no longer reason to be concerned. As […]

Explorers Club Hosts East Africa Conservationist Stefanie Powers

As Chairman of the SoCal Chapter of the Explorers Club I am afforded wonderful opportunities to meet amazing people. On Saturday my wife and I hosted an event at our home for actress, conservationist, author and overall amazing woman Stefanie Powers. Stefanie talked about her incredible life including the extraordinary nine-year relationship she shared with […]

Steve takes Students on a Field Trip

Recently my partner Steve took 30 students and staff from Australia on an educational field trip to do community work by helping a village rebuild their school.