Steve takes Students on a Field Trip

Recently my partner Steve took 30 students and staff from Australia on an educational field trip to do community work by helping a village rebuild their school.

Maziwi Island – A First in Tanzania

In 2008 Steve and I kayaked from the Tanzania coast to the coral fringed Maziwi Island miles offshore. Turns out we were the first to kayak to this island!

Thanksgiving and the Museum of Musical Instruments

The Museum of Musical Instruments in Phoenix is amazing!!! There are instruments and video footage from all over the world and the Africa room is fantastic.

Hollywood Comes to Tanzania?

Yes! Last year, my partner in Tanzania arranged all the boats and logistics for the History Channel’s series called Expedition Africa: Stanley & Livingstone.

Tanzania Fun Facts Quiz

There are four questions. If you want to know the answers after you’re finished check the bottom of this page… Don’t cheat!   1. What year did Tanzania gain independence? 2. Tanzania is the size of a) Denmark b) France c) the Netherlands d) the British Isles combined. 3. What percentage of total area has […]

African Bats are Wildlife Too!

You have heard of lions, zebras and giraffes in Africa, but bats? Did you know that after rodents, bats are the most numerous mammals on Earth? Out of more than 1000 different species that exist throughout the world more than 200 different species exist in Africa. They can be divided into two primary categories – […]

Recent Lion Attack – There is More to the Story

I am sure many of you read the story in the paper about the person who was killed by 5 lions in Zimbabwe while showering. While a terrible tragedy and while it drives home the point that you are out in the wild, I believe there is more to the story. While you rarely read […]

A Great Show for the Great Migration

The “great” migration that most people think about is the great wildebeest migration in Tanzania. Did you know that there is not “one” great migration in Africa? Actually it is a continuous cycle and the key is to be at the right place at the right time. Witnessing the Great Migration is an experience that […]