Why We Paddle in the Ocean and Not Fresh Water

Many people ask why we paddle in the ocean and not fresh water.  More people ask what about hippos and crocs?  Never a worry about those animals because we are in the ocean in warm water.  And safety is our primary concern. But there is another important reason.  For a week we travel seeing amazing […]

Confession – A Little Secret

Going on an African safari was not high on my list of “things to do”!  but an opportunity arose with good friends and the thought of all us hanging out together for a couple of weeks  – ANYWHERE – sounded like great fun and I didn’t want to miss out. Now I’m back and reflecting […]

The Odd Couple

Ever wonder why you always see zebras and wildebeests together? It is a joint effort  in survival. Zebras have strong eyesight. Wildebeests have a strong sense of smell. The two being together increases their chances of being alerted to leopards or lions. Yes, even in the bush where it is survival of the fittest there […]

This is Safari Food?

No rice and beans on our safaris.  People always ask me how is the food in Tanzania.  One word – fantastic! Plentiful, fresh and healthy.  Many people live by the phrase if you can boil it or peel it you can eat it.  That is not the case on our safaris. People forget that tourism […]

The Tanzanian People

The people of Tanzania are warm and friendly.  And while their living conditions may not meet our standards they are still happy and healthy. This is especially true of those that work in the tourist industry.  I have always found people interested in who we are, what we do and where we come from.  I […]